About Me

Hola! I’m Betsy, aka the Silver Gypsy. You will find out very quickly that I’m blunt, honest, a bit crazy, in love with food, obsessed with traveling, and totally addicted to trying new things.

Silver Gypsy Life

To say I am unique is a cliche. All of us are unique in our own way and I think that is what makes each individual amazing. My life although less ordinary is a bit different than most.  For years I had looked for love in all the wrong places, made mistakes, was not always the best human being and longed for adventure. I still do! About 3 years ago I met a woman who I knew pretty early on would change my life for the better. There was a problem though. She lived in the Dominican Republic and I lived in Tennessee. Long distance is doable, but not countries away.

What did we do? Once we realized that we wanted to spend our lives together we understood we had to make changes. Someone had to move! Due to the current administration, we found that having her come to the United States would mean that we would end up being 18+ months apart. We had already done long distance for 6+ months and that was not a solution for us. I had to be the one to make the change so…. I packed my bags the week after graduating college at 26 and took off to the Dominican Republic. My family thought I was absolutely crazy; I say I’m adventurous.

I was lucky in that I found a great job there and a job that allowed me to travel and set my own schedule. The next two years we spent traveling the island, eating at as many restaurants and food trucks as we could, getting to know one another more and trying every little adventure we could afford. 

I had really hoped to spend my life there, even as hard as the transition was at times due to language, culture and other things. But, that was not what was in the cards for us. We submitted Yezabel’s papers for residency and when it was time, made the move to Orlando, FL.

This blog really isn’t about becoming an influencer, making money or anything like that. It’s mostly so Yezabel and I can document our little lives, post our little adventures and enjoy ourselves. We talk a lot about the Dominican Republic, but as you will see we review restaurants in our area of Orlando, post of our travels in the United States and more.

I hope you enjoy it!