Highlights of our trip to Vegas – Plus, know before you go!

Mirage in Vegas

When we moved back to the United States in December of 2018, Yezabel made me make her a promise. She wanted to see the USA and asked that we travel as much of it as we could over the next few years. I could never say no to traveling so I agreed. 

This whole last year we hadn’t traveled as much as use to. We went to see my family in Tennessee a couple of times. Once with the dogs another time without them, which of course the with was more for my mom than anyone else. We had also been back to the Dominican Republic to see Yezabel’s mom. The little weekend trip here and there, but nothing big. 

Top of the World Restaurant in Vegas
Top of the World Restaurant in Vegas

Let’s go to Vegas!

On a Saturday back in September, we were talking about a trip out west for May. Then out of nowhere, I just looked at her and said lets go in November. The prices were cheaper that time of year and I had the time off. Her face immediately had this smile pop up just like any other time I mention something crazy and she wants to go for it. That was it! I spent the next week planning a Vegas and Canyon trip that we would be embarking on in less than 2 months!

Mirage in Vegas
Mirage in Vegas

The first thing I did was look up the area and I found an itinerary I knew we would love. We would spend three days in Vegas and the rest of the time we would road trip the Canyons. Zion National Park, Antelope Canyon, Bryce, Horseshoe bend and the Grand Canyon. I find this is best way to travel. Take another itinerary and plan it all yourself. The price gets cut down and you get to see everything tour companies have to offer.

Fast forward to November 10th, we were on our way to sin city! Neither one of us had ever been, so we really had no idea what to expect. As we touched down at the airport I was aching for slot machines. I am a lot like my mom with gambling. I just can’t help myself! Yezzy of course kept my head in line and made sure we didn’t get side tracked. 

Harrahs Vegas Trip

Vegas airport and the rental car:

The airport itself is nice. There are slot machines there, but do not play them. You will not win. They are not under law like the ones at the casinos so no one ever wins on them. 

Our rental car company was NU Rental Cars. I can’t really recommend them, but I can’t say it was a horrible experience either. Their location is outside the normal rental area at the airport. They have a super nice Mercedes Sprinter to transport you there. The price is fantastic and the car was a 2020 Jeep Compass. You know me never anything but Jeep! The bad part was the time we had to wait to get the car was insane and they were so strict with the insurance. 


Back to Vegas!

Seeing the strips at night you were truly wowed at the beauty of the place. I can not say the same for the day time. Probably one of the most ugly places I have ever been in the day. But, at night it was beautiful. 

Treasure Island Vegas

Hotel: We stayed at Treasure Island. The reason we chose it was based on price, location and it housed the show we both wanted to see, Mystère-Cirque du Soleil. When you stay at the hotel the show is at, you get a pretty good discount. It ended up being a fantastic choice for us. You can take the free tram to Mirage which is right downtown and located close to everything. 

Good things about Treasure Island in Vegas:

  1. Location
  2. Shows
  3. It has everything you need!
  4. Beds are super comfortable.
  5. Rooms are big and you can’t hear your neighbors. 
  6. The bathroom was clean and kept new. 

Bad things about Treasure Island in Vegas:

  1. Cost of restaurants in the hotel. Super high, but this will be in any hotel in Vegas. $75 dollars for breakfast for two people.
  2. Casino ventilation
  3. Slots were tight! We played a lot- morning, day and night. It seemed that no one ever won anything. 

Food and Restaurants in Vegas!

Anywhere we go we look for food as an experience. You can read more about the places we went on other posts about the restaurants, but what I will say is get out of the hotel. They don’t care about your taste-buds and they don’t have to.

The best place we found to eat was a food truck at a tire shop called Casa Del Pastor. That was some of the best tacos I have eaten in my life! 

Top of the World at the Stratosphere was absolutely incredible. Not necessarily the food, but the view. It is a must see, must experience. 

Casa Del Pastor Best Tacos


  1. Mystère-Cirque du Soleil
  2. Top of the World Restaurant
  3. Bellagio Fountains
  4. Grand Canal Shops at The Venetian
  5. Casa Del Pastor – Seriously, AMAZING STREET FOOD ( Open 24/7 )
  6. Las Vegas Boulevard!
  7. Slot Machine mornings!


  1. Don’t eat in the hotels.
  2. Make sure to plan your shows before you go.
  3. Don’t rent a rental car while staying just in Vegas. You really don’t need it.
  4. Remember the swim suit! ( Yezzy, I blame you for that one.)
  5. Take cash! The ATM fee is $8.00.
Vegas Trip Dos and Donts

All in all our trip to Vegas was great! We got much needed fun time together. We experienced something new together and we realized we are both addicted to slot machines. 

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