Farewell Dominican Republic- The last two years of our life on video. For Yezzy. xoxo

Our Family

When I first moved to the Dominican Republic, it felt like a vacation. Afer the fifth or sixth week I hit a transitional hard spot. Everyone says its normal when you move abroad or move somewhere you ware not familiar with. You miss the flavors, streets, people, family and friends and day to day norms you become accustom to. There were nights I cried, days I became extremely angry and then of course there were days I was so happy to be living where I was. It was an emotional roller coaster to say the least.

You never really get over the bump in the road about moving somewhere else. It truly becomes what you make of it. For me there were so many things I disliked, but soooooo many things I loved.

Yezabel and I made our own path there. We didn’t really get into the social circles in Santo Domingo, which is what most everyone tries to achieve on the island. Instead we traveled every chance we got. From Punta Cana to Nagua, Las Terrenas to Bayahibe, Rio San Juan, La Romana- we basically became little travel bugs. We found adventures big and small and our time there really helped our relationship bloom into something we both had never had. When it came time to leave the Dominican Republic, I don’t think we were ready, but we knew it was for the best. We also know we would be back one day!

This video includes all our little moments over the last two years, not all but some of the important ones. We spent so much time in Las Terrenas that it became our special place, our happy place. Living in Santo Domingo can wear you out, but two days in Las Terrenas can always bring you back. When you leave, you will be glowing.

We moved to Orlando, FL and left the Dominican Republic behind in December-January of 2019. I wanted to make Yezzy something she could always look back on. We hope to move back when we retire, when we are old and grey. Who knows? Maybe we will win the lottery and our dream will come true of owning a bed and breakfast in Las Terrenas. Until then, Farewell Dominican Republic.

I know we will return many times over the years, but living and vacationing are two separate things.

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